Pick your Goooooooooooooooals!

July 28, 2016

Just like focusing sunlight through a magnifying glass can create fire, we can focus our own internal power through declaring a GOAL, and use that focused power to ignite change in our own world.

While it may sound simple, in order to do anything, you MUST pick what it is. Picking your goal sets you on your journey of change.

By any definition, setting a goal means you want to change your life, from the way things are (without the goal) to the way you want them to be (achieving the goal).

Identifying your goal activates your mind, on both conscious and unconscious levels. It gets your energy percolating and starts focusing your power and effort in a specific direction; just like a magnifying glass.

Please note, it’s important to remember that a dream should not be confused with a goal. Dreams are experiences we fantasize about having. For instance, being a “rich and famous rock star” is a dream with no real parameters, but being a professional recording artist is a definitive goal. Being a “movie star” is a dream, but being a professional union-represented actor is a goal. It’s a different use of words, but a difference that’s very important when you determine your goals. A dream is just a desire, while a goal is the outcome of results-oriented actions.

If people don’t set goals and don’t have something to work towards, or just fantasize about living out their dreams, they usually end up wasting time in unproductive, passive behaviors, like watching a lot of television, playing videogames, or traipsing through the Internet, etc.

Without a goal, we may expend power in various directions, waste time, money, and resources, and get no closer to accomplishing what we want in life. Some people refer to it as “spinning your wheels” and it gets you nowhere. Without defining goals, life is often just a passing of time filled with random occurrences and myriad distractions. While this can often be a pleasant way to pass the time occasionally, it is simply that, a passing of time, and time is the only thing you can’t get back once it’s gone.

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