What’s the Plan, Stan?

November 29, 2016

You shouldn’t count on random occurrences, winning lottery tickets, or benevolent millionaires as a plan for reaching your goals. That’s a sure recipe for getting nothing done.  While many people may be able to identify what they want (their goals), they don’t know always how to get it. The necessary steps to reach our goals are not always so obvious. Luckily, we live in a day and age when the tools and technology are readily available for us to figure out the next step. After you realize your potential, and pick your goal, the next step is…


It is necessary to put together a plan if you want to accomplish your goal. Without a plan, your energy can be spent in myriad directions and not get you closer to your goal. The necessary step for accomplishing your goal is to put together a plan. Without a plan, you have very little chance of achieving success.

Do the Work

Formulating a plan requires research. It means starting with the end goal in mind and working your way backwards to figure out each step you need to take. This can be done through many different combinations of effort, whether it’s reading, researching online, talking to or interviewing experts, signing up for classes, etc. No matter what your goal is, chances are, somebody else has already done it. If that’s the case, simply go online and Google your goal; “How to lose weight,” “How to become a doctor,” “How to make money in the stock market,” etc. Whatever it is, there has probably been plenty written about it. By starting online, you can take some notes and eventually end up with a list of questions you want answered, books and magazines you can read, television programs or films you can watch, and people you can study or try to contact/hire to ask their advice on achieving your goal.

Super-heroes, soldiers, business and social leaders all achieve great things through a plan. It would be impossible to overcome opposing armies, run for political office, or send a rocket to the moon without a well thought-out plan. Generals spend tremendous amounts of time studying geography, terrain, weather, and an enemy’s strengths and weaknesses before rushing into battle. Coaches win athletic championships by coming up with a strategy and a plan for victory. Architects build towers that reach to the sky, politicians change public policy, and great weddings get thrown, but always with a plan. If we see that people who do great things usually start with a plan, it behooves us to mimic them and develop a plan of our own to accomplish our goals. It doesn’t matter if our own personal goals are not going to change the rest of the world, the truth is, they are going to change our own world, so they are just as important for us.

By formulating a plan to reach your goal, you create an identifiable path to success. A plan brings organization to your efforts. Doing research and formulating a plan to achieve a goal is the sign of someone who takes their desire to change things seriously and understands how to use their power.

While many people forge powerfully ahead without a plan, trusting in their passionate desire to achieve, they often find themselves making mistakes or wasting effort they could have avoided if they had just taken the time to come up with a plan. A plan takes the unknown out of the equation and give you quantifiable steps you can take towards achieving your goal.

What does a plan look like? A lot of people get stopped in their tracks because they want to come up with a plan, but they don’t really know what it’s supposed to look like when completed. Luckily, coming up with a plan is not complicated, it’s just a matter of doing some research and then putting together a list of steps. Plans for achieving a goal don’t have to be complicated blueprints, mathematical formulas, or rebus-like puzzles, they really can be as simple as a grocery list of steps to take. Imagine if you had to go to the store to buy dinner. Write all the steps it takes to do that. As you do, you will realize all the small steps you have to take to accomplish the task; find your keys, find your wallet, drive to the store, etc. Once you finish the list, now you have a plan. Extrapolate that same process out to whatever your goal is. Whatever your goal is; learning an instrument, finding a new relationship, getting in shape: whatever it is, ask yourself, what’s the first thing you have to do tomorrow morning in order to start meeting your goal? That’s the first item on your list. Again, start with the goal, do a little research, and then work backwards from the goal and soon you’ll have a plan. That plan gives you a step by step guide of how to channel your power and achieve anything you want.

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